the monster

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If you were wondering why Dave had a garage sale recently, I can now reveal why.

Dave and Lea have been working hard with Marrco Lanulfi to develop what they hope will be a new benchmark for quality and performance in the fleet. The Monstro is the “pagani zonda” of the fleet to the point where everything on the boat has been moulded, right down to all the internal frames.

The shots below shows the first “monster” during the final stages of construction.


The CNC machine is a bit better than our home built one that I used to make my foils and is capable of cutting our full size car or truck!





This monster certainly won’t be wearing a little black dress.

10 thoughts on “the monster”

  1. Ciao Marco,
    Very nice.
    launched MoNella (16,5 knots)
    see you soon at Lago di Garda

  2. @tom:
    You know the answer: if you have to ask… 🙂

    Very Italian lines, sweeping curves, not a corner in sight. But will it go? Seems to be following current trends – low freeboard, small focsle, rear wing bar well forward of transom. Can’t wait to see the rig, maybe rear laced tramps?

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