Hyperion – Chapter 6 – Decked … sort of

It has been one very busy week.  I start my new job on Monday so we have been working flat out trying to “break the back” of the build. Just about everything has been on the agenda. Decking the new hull, making a new foil mold and making the gantry have all been happening in parallel. The new boat is being made with a few features done differently, and the wing lacing is one of them. Having the lacing go through the hull sides instead of the deck has meant I can remove the deck flare completely, but to do that has necessitated two 8 hour days of making deck flanges inside the hull for the deck to rest on. One key advantage of this method though is that there are no lacing holes into the hull, eliminating one of the main causes of moth hull leaks.

IMG_0008 IMG_0001

The top skin of the deck got laminated this afternoon with little to no resin to spare, but the resin fairy (aka Luka) is scheduled to make a morning drop off. So I can do the underside of the deck tomorrow or Saturday, “closing the lid”.

IMG_0003 IMG_0002

Now I need to track down Doink to get my hands on the foredeck mould …

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