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Happy 2000th

Well the latest show of Mothcast has really raised the bar for a new download record of 2000 times. (The show has had 1284 downloads of the M4a version and 716 downloads of the Mp3.

The guests for next four shows have all “signed on” and just need to be recorded, once real life stops getting in the way.

Thanks to everyone for listening .. listen for more soon.

Shields up, Mr Sulu, fire photon torpedos

Our most recent episode of Mothcast has had some interesting side effects in the mothosphere, by showing what can happen when you put yourself out there.

The majority of people take things the right way, they understand that things are said in a way that is meant to be entertaining and have a laugh, and most people who are directly involved do that.

No matter what we say, however, there will be someone that will find fault, a hole in an argument, some little detail that was missed, a way to disprove a theory, complain that there was not enough technical information, details were missing, or that our information is just plain wrong.

At the end of the day, Mothcast, or any blog is just a representation of someone’s opinion. You might agree with that opinion, you might disagree with it. You might dislike or even hate the people involved or you might gush with love every time they walk into a room.

At the end of the day the show is what it is, a show about moth sailing. You can choose to listen, or you can choose not to.

We aren’t a court of law, and I don’t want to become one. As an individual you have a voice and have the right to reply, which some choose to do, and we respect that, and we can always settle our differences by a good old fashioned “fight in the car park”. If you want to voice an opinion on the show, email me an MP3 with your comments. There are no guarantees it will go to air, but if it is interesting it probably will.

What you can’t do is simply sit on the sidelines and attack our guests, the people that put themselves “out there” by coming on the show, simply because they dared speak their mind or give an opinion in public. If you all do that, then wont be a show because no one will want to come on as a guest, because they know that everything they say will be used against them.

As for Mothcast, we aren’t going to change. I am going to continue to throw out my half baked, semi-thought out, sometimes self serving content with the hope that most of you, will think that it was time well spent tuning in.

Otherwise, a gardening podcast might be more your thing.

Shields up, Mr Sulu. Fire photon torpedos. All ahead full, and open a channel to starfleet …