My new years testing resolutions

Eric Jacobson blogged about his resolutions for 2012. At his prompting, and because I am in a reflective mood and thinking a lot about my career now that I am currently looking for work again. So, here are my 2012 new years testing resolutions.

New years tester resolutions

  • Get a new job at a great company that cares about quality and testing or start my own that does.

  • Write a magazine quality testig article at least once a month.

  • Turn my back on .net and visual studio and widows and fully embrace ruby, rails and selenium.

  • Launch an application in the Apple app store.

  • Develop and deliver a test training course.

  • Deliver a new testcast each fortnight.

  • Present at a testing conference like I did at ignite last year.

  • Write a book.

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