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Revisting the testing tenets

Back in 2005 I wrote a series of seven blog posts called The Seven Tenets of Software Testing. These posts have been buried deep in this site, so I have added a new page – Tenets of software testing – that links to all these origional articles, hopefully making them easier to find if you are new to my software testing blog.

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Testing Windows Communication Foundation

Need to test Windows Communication Foundation ? There is an article in the July issue of MSDN magazine on how to do it. The article is here

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A word on exploratory testing

Anne-Marie Charret has posted about her desire to keep test documents when doing Exploratory testing.

On my current project we are delivering in excess of three thousand requirements, and with each requirement spawning up to six test cases, we were simply drowning in a sea of tests.

To try and survive this, and complete the project with my sanity intact, something had to change. There were a lot of changes, however the main change that I instigated was to introduce the option of performing exploratory testing when the requirement was delivered. Documenting the tests as we performed them, instead of a huge up-front planning process. This ensures that we still maintain a record of our test case to requirement traceability

Well did it work? I am happy to say, yes. Instead of spending most of our time in front of Microsoft Team Foundation Server, we spent the time in front of the application finding bugs.

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