Building a GUI test automation framework: Structuring the project

This post is the third in a series of posts, building a GUI test automation framework. In the first post, I outlined the key design goals of an automation framework. In the second second post I talked to the need for a control file. Since the original posts way back in early 2006, a lot has changed. As a result I am going to re-focus (and finish) these posts on how you can structure and develop a set of simple tests using WatiN.

Ok there are some pre-requites if you want to run these examples. I am going to assume that you are running Visual Studio 2005, SQL Express 2005, nUnit 2.4.0 and we are using the job site starter kit as our test application. I was planning to use the .net petshop 4.0 for this article, however it wouldn’t install with Windows Vista.

Ok assuming you are up and running, let’s get started.

The general structure that I like to follow for this type of project is to have a single solution broken up in to several projects. The standard projects that I like to have are Controls, Framework and Tests. In this example I am also going to add a fourth project to hold the site URLs.

Once I have these projects in place I set up the classes so they are all using single namespace that is then subdivided in a similar fashion such as: JobSite.Controls, JobSite.Tests and JobSite.URLs.

You can download the solution with the basic structure from here. I have set up a Codeplex project to store the source code for the examples in the rest of this series of blog posts. In the next post we will get seriously back on track and start putting our test framework together.

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