Book Review: The art of software testing

When I first started testing, I looked at some of the testing related titles that were on offer. At the time I was confronted by a number of books that all talked about calculating the number of theoretical paths that were needed to test software and I quickly ran out of the bookstore vowing to never look at a testing related book again.

Some years later, older and wiser … I returned to the bookstore and returned to those books that I thought were completely irrelevant a few years earlier. The art of software testing was one of those books.

Recently revised, this title has been around for ages however if you are looking to learn about the latest TDD techniques, then you will, sadly be disappointed. The ideal audience for this book is the experienced tester who want to take themselves to the next level in regards to understanding their “Art” (Sorry … I couldn’t resist that one.)

If you are familiar with my previous posts you will know that I refer to the self assessment test on a semi-regular basis and would highly recommend this title. The only downside is that it is not cheap. So, if you are only ever going to buy one book, buy code complete, however if your budget can stretch a little further, then it is a title you may want to consider. The self assessment test, however is a must read.

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